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  • Titill er á ensku Examining Intersections and Divergences of Animal Welfare Perspectives in Alternative Agriculture
  • Meistara
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    Human-animal relations (HAR) have been integral to the evolution of agriculture. Recently, there have been massive changes in the prevailing approach to agriculture due to industrialization that enacted a shift in traditional animal husbandry and crop cultivation methods. While there have been some short-term productivity gains, there have also been
    immense environmental and ethical consequences. Various agricultural frameworks exist as alternate pathways to more sustainable and equitable methods of food production. In academic literature and pragmatic applications, the role of animals within these systems needs better clarification to address the significant variance in the ethical, economic, and systematic basis of each model.To better understand the theoretical foundation behind the practical implementation of HAR, 11 semi-structured virtual qualitative interviews were conducted with alternative agriculture practitioners based in the US. These groups comprised regenerative livestock producers, farmed animal sanctuaries, and veganic farmers representing diverse sectors and perspectives on animal integration in alternative agriculture. The data collected was coded and analyzed by connecting to previous philosophical academic literature and HAR research within agricultural and broader scales. The key takeaway of this research shows that sectors agree that conventional agriculture and HAR urgently need improvement. The most significant deviation among the groups lies in the ethical grounding that shapes their operations. The research aims to amplify various and contrasting perspectives and offer insight into the guiding philosophies of the practitioners to help strengthen a holistic narrative of animal welfare. The intent is to bridge compassion and coalition building among the representative groups to enhance the alternative agriculture sector and counter the dominant HAR in today’s conventional agriculture.

  • 30.4.2024

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