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  • Titill er á ensku Non-formal sustainability education: Case study of environmental NGOs in Iceland
  • Meistara
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    This research aimed to explore the extent to which environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Iceland are currently engaging in sustainability education (SE) and to contribute valuable insights to the broader discourse on the concept of SE in the realm of non-formal education. Non-formal educational contexts have received limited directive by international sustainable development agendas but have been recognized as a promising context for SE. Environmental NGOs can play a crucial role in promoting sustainability awareness and action, leveraging their unique position to engage diverse stakeholders and foster collective learning and action. Through qualitative interviews with representatives from a selection of Icelandic environmental NGOs, this study explores the missions and educational activities of the organizations and how they understand sustainability and SE. The findings reveal a focus on the environmental protection realm of sustainability and a diverse range of perspectives and educational practices among the environmental NGOs. While some organizations demonstrate a strong commitment to SE, others exhibited limited awareness and engagement. Such findings speak to the importance of various contextual factors, such as priorities, operational constraints, and institutional frameworks in shaping the knowledge and implementation of SE initiatives. Additionally, non-formal educational contexts have received limited directive and guidance for SE, and this could be a contributing factor for limited engagement by environmental NGOs in Iceland. The study further emphasizes the importance of support and collaboration for knowledge-sharing and capacity-building efforts to advance SE in non-formal educational contexts and promote transformative change towards a more sustainable future.

  • 16.5.2024

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