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  • Giving Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure. A study on the cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Bakkalár
  • In this thesis I intend to discover what makes a movie acquire cult status and what that title means. I want to know if there is a certain standard a movie has to meet to become a cult movie and find out if the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets that standard. This movie tells the story of two “ordinary” people who happen to knock on the door of Frank-N-Furter, an alien who wants to create the perfect man. This movie has become one of the best known cult movies of all time and can even be called “the ultimate cult movie”. It has one of the steadiest fan bases ever known and the fans have created their own mini-society based on the movie and a ritual has evolved around watching it at the cinema. By reviewing the behaviour of cult fans I will find out what sets them apart from “normal” fans and why they are often frowned upon by those outside of the cult society. I will look into the cult elements that can be found in this movie and find out if it is justifiable to call the movie one of the best known cult films today. I will as well as take a look at the concept “camp” and its characteristics and see how that term affects the movie and where it can be found in the plot, characters and setting. The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be compared to other cult and camp movies in the intent of finding out what sets this movie apart from others and why it is “the best”.

  • 7.7.2010

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