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Titlar 945 til 969 af 4.473
1.9.2014The Effect of Organized Sports and Wellbeing on Academic AchievementsÞórir Kristjánsson 1989-
15.6.2021The effect of perceived social support, from friends and family, on the wellbeing of immigrant adolescents in IcelandKristín Ásta Lárusdóttir 1999-
22.5.2019The effect of physical activity and mindfulness-based intervention on depression, anxiety, and stressBára Sæmundsdóttir 1995-
4.6.2020The effect of praise, work spirit, stress, and workload on job satisfactionKaren Ósk Bernburg 1998-
28.8.2014The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Adolescents as Associated with Substance Abuse, Depression and AngerSara Mjöll Skjaldardóttir 1990-
17.2.2016The Effect of Sexual Abuse on Self-esteem Among Adolescents: The Impact of Gender, Parental Support and Type of PerpetratorÍris Hildur Birgisdóttir 1990-
14.6.2021The effect of sexual abuse on self-injurious behaviour among adolescents girls and boys : the mediating factor of self-esteemGyða Einarsdóttir 1999-
24.8.2017The effect of six-week transdiagnostic cognitive behavioural group therapy on anxiety and depressive symptoms among pregnant women : a pilot studyKristrún Ólöf Sigurðardóttir 1986-
15.6.2021The effect of sleep hygiene education and bright light therapy on adolescent sleep quality and vigilanceKaritas Kjartansdóttir 1995-
5.6.2014Effect of Social Media Marketing on Traditional Marketing Campaigns in Young Icelandic CompaniesAnna Guðbjörg Cowden 1989-
29.5.2019The effect of unconscious bias : are the genders judged differently for the same conduct?Vaka Vigfúsdóttir 1995-
24.6.2021The effect of wellbore scaling on exergy in geothermal fluid : a computational fluid dynamic wellbore model estimateIlham Narendrodhipo 1995-
12.6.2019Effective enumeration of permutation classes and their juxtapositionsUnnar Freyr Erlendsson 1993-
14.8.2017Effectiveness of brief transdiagnostic cognitive behavioural group therapy for mild depression, anxiety, and stress in fathers : a pilot studyBaldur Hannesson 1988-
10.8.2016The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy follow-up based on mindfulness compared to physical exerciseKatrín Sara Hinriksdóttir 1988-
24.6.2021The effectiveness of lecture, feedback sessions and Virtual Reality (VR) training in teaching the methods of Discrete Trial Training (DTT)Lára Borg Bolladóttir 1993-
11.8.2016Effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy compared to physical exercise as a follow-up treatment to prevent depressive relapse and maintain recoverySif Jónsdóttir 1985-
4.6.2020Effectiveness of online-cognitive behavioral therapy for insomniaÁrný Björk Birgisdóttir 1996-
15.2.2018Effectiveness of social media for raising brand awareness, for market research and for new product development.Helgi Magnússon 1982-
15.2.2018The Effects of a Shorter Workweek on Employees Working in the Icelandic Public SectorSteinunn Eyja Gauksdóttir 1991-
10.6.2021Effects of a sleep education video on sleep knowledge and sleep habits among youth in IcelandÁsta Gígja Elfarsdóttir 1997-
25.6.2021The effects of a virtual reality courtroom on victims of sexual violenceHildur Skúladóttir 1991-
18.6.2018The Effects of a Virtual Reality Environment on Students with Public Speaking AnxietySveinn Gunnar Hálfdánarson 1986-
4.6.2020Effects of antidepressant use during pregnancy on delivery mode, beginning of labor and birth outcome among women in IcelandTelma Rún Ingadóttir 1996-
25.6.2021Effects of behavioral skills training on learning opportunities among support staff in a preschoolMargrét Harpa Jónsdóttir 1993-