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Titlar 4.341 til 4.365 af 4.500
20.6.2019Wake turbulence separation for Keflavik International Airport : Re-categorisation Requirements (RECAT-EU)Toma Emilov Tomov 1976-
10.6.2021Walking on eggshells : what are the material risks in food retail?Sandra Björt Kristjánsdóttir 1998-; Unnur Þórdís Kristinsdóttir 1997-
19.3.2018Waste heat recovery from aluminum productionMiao Yu 1992-
18.6.2019The way of the unarmed warrior : anthropometry, physical and psychological parameters of Icelandic male mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fightersDavíð Már Sigurðsson 1991-
21.1.2020We2Book WeChat Mini Program developmentDagfinnur Ari Normann 1993-; Elmar Þór Aðalsteinsson 1995-; Pálmi Þormóðsson 1994-
18.6.2021Web service connection to Arion BankArnþór Lúðvíksson 1990-; Aron Úlfarsson 1997-; Sólrún Ásta Björnsdóttir 1997-
9.1.2020Weight bias among children : pilot-study among 5-year-old preschoolers in IcelandGuðrún Inga Benediktsdóttir 1979-
16.2.2017Wellbeing and self-esteem in Icelandic adolescents and the elderlyKaren Sif Óskarsdóttir 1992-
21.6.2018Wellbore stability : principles and analysis in geothermal well drillingIkinya, Nganga Samuel, 1976-
15.6.2011Well-being during school lessons among boys and girls in 5th to 7th grade in elementary schools in Iceland: The effects of school, family and peer related factorsÁslaug Pálsdóttir 1978-
14.6.2018Well-being of adult adoptees in IcelandHildur Ósk Gunnlaugsdóttir 1988-
28.5.2019Well-being of individuals with psoriasis in IcelandSara Alexandra Jónsdóttir 1988-
19.9.2011What are the guidelines that importing companies should try to follow when importing from China, in order to avoid pitfalls or mistakes?Atli Rúnar Þorsteinsson 1979-
23.1.2020What are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of data-centric architecture with respect to application-centric architecture in relation to IT performance?Sigurður Jónsson 1971-
12.9.2012What are the success factors for project leaders in virtual teams?Ásgeir Haukur Guðmundsson 1983-
7.9.2015What can project managers learn from the Icelandic national football team’s managers in project management?Anna Sigríður Vilhelmsdóttir 1976-
7.9.2015What can project managers learn from the Icelandic national football team’s managers in shaping group dynamics?Erna Kristjánsdóttir 1979-
16.2.2017What defines the “typical” sex offence perpetrated by juveniles in Iceland? : an analysis of their sexual offending behaviourAnna Sofía Rosdahl 1993-
8.6.2020What does the icelandic public know about post-traumatic stress disorder?Jasmine Cherrise Hauksdóttir 1996-
14.6.2018What happens after psychiatric diagnosis? The course and type of intervention at Landspitali - The National University Hospital of IcelandInga Guðlaug Helgadóttir 1984-
5.10.2017What international business really needs to know : analysing information seeking behaviour of companies before and during internationalizationKristján Helgi Bryde 1991-
31.1.2013What International Market Entry Strategy Should Kerecis Follow to Enter Into the Indian Chronic Diabetic Wound Market?Kristjana Welch 1972-
20.10.2020What is holding back women from reaching CEO positions in Iceland? : does it depend on company size?Dröfn Farestveit 1996-
16.6.2020What is the significance of free digital goods on economic welfareFjölnir Þrastarson 1996-; Friðrik Örn Gunnarsson 1996-
7.6.2018What seems to be the problem officer: A look at burnout and depression among Icelandic police officers.Hjalti Sigurður Karlsson 1993-