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  • Titill er á ensku Japan’s Security Dilemma: Altering Article 9
  • Meistara
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    The objective of this M.A. thesis is to investigate whether it is in Japan’s interest to alter Article 9 of its constitution to allow for an official self-defense military, mainly as a defense against China and North Korea, but also to limit its military dependence on the USA.
    First, the realist theoretical framework for this analysis will be established. Then Japan’s historical relations with the thesis’ main actors related to the topic – namely the USA, China, and North Korea – will be examined, together with their impact on current relationships. The next chapter will analyze contemporary China and North Korea, and how they pose a threat to Japan. The Japan-USA alliance will also be explored. The last main chapter of the thesis will provide arguments for and against amending Article 9. The thesis draws mainly upon written material, i.e. books, electronic books and journals, and other internet sources.
    The main conclusion of the thesis is that, despite domestic and international opposition, it is in Japan’s interest to alter Article 9 of its constitution in order to allow for an official self-defense military. The chief argument is that this would make it easier for Japan’s Self-Defense Forces to respond to threats, mainly from China and North Korea, but also the threat of US military abandonment. However, Japan needs to be very careful in the way it revises its constitution for these ends.

  • 6.9.2010

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