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  • Titill er á ensku English or Icelandic? Communication in Icelandic multinational companies
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    This essay touches on the topic of English as a communication method in Icelandic multinational companies (MNCs) and how it affects the companies. What benefit the companies see in using English and what faults? What does the future hold? This essay also touches on the debate that has risen in Icelandic society due to the use of English in these companies, as well as the debate overseas surrounding language use on the international market. This debate is the foundation for my essay. I also contacted number of Icelandic companies in hopes of getting information from them on their language policy, as well as seeking sources from books, articles, foundations and legislations. In an effort to create a little background for the reader I will be going little into the history of the two languages, as well as the efforts Icelanders have made to protect the language and the status the English language has in the international community. From there the essay continues on to its main subject, Icelandic MNCs and their language policies, the reasons behind the use of English, and the implications for the companies, as well as Icelandic society. To top off the discussion I brought up a rising concern inside the international market, i.e. that good English skill is not enough to have a successful company on the international market. There is an increased demand in international business for other languages as well as English.

  • 15.9.2010

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