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  • Titill er á ensku Measuring Vocabulary: An overview of four types of vocabulary tests
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    In this essay four types of vocabulary tests are examined and the focus is on the variety in vocabulary tests. The main incentive with writing this essay was to make an overview of vocabulary measurement tools and to examine whether there existed a standardized vocabulary test.
    In the first chapter an attempt is made to answer the question of what vocabulary knowledge is. Receptive and productive knowledge of vocabulary is discussed as well as the distinction of vocabulary into breadth and depth of knowledge. In this chapter there is also a detailed overview of Nation‘s list of the aspects of knowing a word.
    In the second chapter there is a short overview of the history of vocabulary testing and then four types of vocabulary tests are discussed. The tests that are examined are checklist tests (two specific versions of checklist tests are discussed, the X-Lex Test and the Eurocentres Vocabulary Size Test), Nation‘s Vocabulary Level‘s Test (VLT) along with the productive version of the VLT, The Vocabulary Knowledge Scale and finally The Word Associates Test. These tests are examined in detail, their design and development are examined as well as their advantages and flaws. In the last chapter the tests are further discussed and compared.
    The thesis points out how complex the concept of vocabulary knowledge is and the variety in vocabulary tests. The conclusion is that there is not at the moment one standardized vocabulary test. There exist various different vocabulary tests that measure the different aspects of vocabulary knowledge.

  • 20.9.2010

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