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  • Ikon flux 2.0
  • December 2007
  • Structurally autonomous systems embody a continuous process of adaptation of their structure to new situations, goals and constraints in open-ended environments and in real-time. An operational definition for autonomy is processed: self-programming, that is, a continuous process of architectural synthesis. Ikon Flux is described, a proto-architecture consisting of a language and an executive, designed to enable the construction of autonomous systems as self-programming systems. The prototype of such a system is a dynamic and self-referential architecture generating in real-time its own structure and processes, both grounded mutually in high-dimensional topological spaces. A brief comparison of Ikon Flux with prominent state-of-the-art architectures is given. I discuss some salient issues pertaining to engineering evolutionary systems and conclude to the necessity of designing an new methodology bases on process gererativity.

  • RUTR-CS07006
  • 1670-5777
  • Feb 1, 2011
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/7500

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