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  • Hólmsá HEP : recommendations for installed capacity based on simulation of energy generation and reservoir level
  • February 2011
  • This M.Sc. thesis deals with the problem of determining the appropriate installed capacity for a specific hydro power plant development project, based on available hydrological measurements. This is important in order to maximize a return on investment for the project. Investment costs are not covered in this project.
    To accomplish a determination, a model was constructed to emulate the inflow and reservoir capability to produce power. The inflow data was analyzed using statistical measures and reservoir routing simulations. This gave indications on the current available flow of water and flow predictions for the future. A hypothetical power intensive customer was defined to control the energy demand in the system. Losses in waterways were worked out for different flow and water surface level in the reservoir.
    The model was then used to run iterative simulations for different values of installed capacity to find total revenue per year from sold energy and to record the results. Graphing the results clearly shows a peak were total revenue is maximized and indicates a recommended installed capacity of 58,8 [MW] for the way this scenario was set up.
    The results from this project have been verified against numbers at the same project location but done by the National Energy Authority in Iceland. This shows that the difference in total energy capability per year of these two compared results is within ~5% variance.

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  • Mar 21, 2011
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/7747

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