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  • Titill er á ensku Numerical modeling of controlled release of drugs from silicone elastomers
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    Pharmaceutical drug delivery systems are moving away from simple pills and injections towards more sophisticated controlled release systems that release the drug in a controlled fashion to maintain an appropriate concentration for a long period of time. Drug delivery systems of this type can improve the quality of life for patients, as well as helping to guarantee correct dosages.
    Development of controlled release systems is a rather involved process and still quite an experimental science, based on a large number of trials, with the associated cost in time and materials. With this project it is proposed to augment the more traditional experimental approach with numerical modeling techniques. Briefly, the model is based on two non-linear coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) and solved numerically. The target is a model which can accurately predict the rate of drug release from silicone elastomers, as well as solid drug concentration in the material at each point in time.
    This project is collaboration between the Mechanical Engineering and the Pharmaceutical Departments of the University of Iceland. To date, promising results for simple multi-layered cases have been achieved. However, work remains to accurately model multi-layered silicone-based drug delivery systems with various geometries, which is the ultimate goal of this project.

  • 17.5.2011

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