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  • Mitochondrial DNA haplotypes in a natural stand of the lichen Peltigera membranacea
  • May 2011
  • Around 30 polymorphic sites in the mtDNA genome of the lichen P. membranacea were identified from 454- and Illumina sequencing data. To verify the frequencies of these polymorphisms in a natural population 46 thalli were collected. Also 8 additional thalli samples were collected from two sites to see if there is a difference in polymorphisms within a single lichen thallus. From the data collected a haplotype map of P. membranacea was compiled. Two newly designed primer sets were used to amplify the regions of polymorphisms and then sequenced using the Sanger sequencing method. Only two SNPs (positions 7721 and 54447) were found in the samples used in this study. No difference in polymorphisms was found within the same lichen thallus. This was expected because the mitochondrial mutation rate is not fast enough to cause readily detectable mutations. The frequencies of the two SNPs were substantially higher (3 to 4,5 times) in this study compared to the preliminary data. Almost 1500 bp were sequenced from each sample and only the two common SNPs (7721 and 54447) were found. The samples for the preliminary study were collected from a different site than the samples used here which most likely explains the difference in the frequencies and degree of SNPs. Only two different haplotypes were present in the population used for this study: the reference type and the variant type. No intermediate haplotypes were present. The distribution of the haplotypes within the sampling grid is compatable with two or three founders and vegetative expansion down the hillside.

  • May 18, 2011
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/8564

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