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  • Multimodal conversation analysis of institutionalized political TV interview. A Comparison of Icelandic and Greek corpus
  • Master's
  • This research presents a multimodal non-verbal conversation analysis performed on a typical institutionalized political TV interview. The focus is on facial, hand, and body gestures and their role in carrying out communicative functions such as feedback and how speakers know when it is their turn to speak. What we wanted to know is what non-verbal gesturers speakers of institutionalized interviews use and also, importantly now these gestures compare between cultures. This work is based on previous studies done in Greece and similar investigations in Europe for comparison between different cultures. In this research there was a comparison made between the Greek study and this one. The conclusion was that they have similar frequencies of non-verbal expressions. The tools and the coding scheme that were used in the current study will be described. We discuss how different interview settings, institutional vs. casual, can affect behaviours of the participants. The conclusion of this research was that when speakers are asking for feedback in the institutional setting they most commonly use hand gestures. Finally, we elaborate on how this research can be used and built upon for further studies.

  • May 24, 2011
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/8681

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