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  • Identifying and dealing with culture and differences in an international business environment.
  • May 2011
  • Cultural differences are commonly known today and the words mean more to an everyday person than before. Scholars have been contemplating how cultural differences play part in an international business environment for many years. In this dissertation a European Study called CEReS from the year 2006 is used to answer the question whether corporations need to learn about cultural differences or not before entering into a foreign market. Tompenaar’s and Hofstede’s theories are compared to the interviews from the CEReS project, which were qualitatively analysed. It became evident after analysing the interviews and comparing them with Tompenaar’s and Hofstede’s theories, that cultural awareness and the need to prepare the company before entering the foreign market was not necessary in all instances. The findings in this dissertation show that there are three different approaches for a corporation to enter into a foreign market. The first approach is to learn as much a possible about the culture before entering into the market and prepare the corporation for any cultural differences and possible cultural conflicts that might arise. The second approach is to buy the knowledge by hiring a local employee with more than one cultural background, one from the corporation and another from the culture that the corporation tends to enter. The third approach is to deem the culture irrelevant and keep the corporate culture intact and by doing that the company influences the foreign culture more than vice versa. The answer to the dissertation question is negative; it’s not necessary for all corporations to learn about the culture and cultural differences before entering into the foreign market.

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  • May 24, 2011
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/8704

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