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  • Titill er á ensku Generally I am made with the intension of stimulating thoughts and emotions
  • Bakkalár
  • There are a lot of questions out there and by asking the right ones you can get much rewarded. When working with art you spend more time looking for the questions rather than the answers, because there are no right answers. The pursuit of the questions is one of the objectives behind this paper, but to realize and understand my own way of thinking is what I‟d like to be able to conclude.
    In the first chapter I open with going over my thoughts on what it means to be an artist. The term “artist” is so extended today that some don‟t even want to be categorized as one. What seems to be tougher to pinpoint is the quality of the artistic object so in the second chapter I will debate the reformed opinion of aesthetics that developed with newer genres such as minimalism and concept art, grounding myself with the romantic philosophies of Kandinsky. I continue to my personal favorite art form: media art (video to be specific) which I have been working and experimenting with lately, and will analyze this medium from a socialistic perspective rather than artistic or aesthetic, because it is, contrary to the traditional art forms, a public medium. I will then carry on and reflect upon my work and personal development throughout my studies at the Iceland Academy of Fine Arts.

  • 7.6.2011

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