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  • Titill er á ensku Project Scope management
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    This research is in the field of Project Management and it examines the process leading to the development and definition of the Project Scope. The focus of the research is on the application of the tools and techniques that are part of the scope definition process. Consideration is given to what methodology is applied for the development of Project Scope.
    Purpose – This research aims to document the current status of Project Scope Definition within the Icelandic Road Administration (ICERA). The research also documents best
    practice in relation to Project Scope Management.
    Approach – To begin with, a case study of the laws and regulation of the ICERA was performed. In addition, the case study documented the agency’s processes and inner workings.
    Next, a literature review was performed where best practice for defining Project Scope was
    established. The review covered Project Management technics used for Private and Public Project Management.
    Finally, another case study was performed were the subject for review was the Dettifoss- Project. The case study finding helped document the tools and techniques applied by the ICERA for new project developments.
    Findings – It is clear that current policies for the ICERA fail to secure an effective and independent project selection process. The Policy in addition to an out-of-date Project
    Management Framework limits the agencies for achieving excellence. Furthermore, constitutional failure was confirmed.
    ICERA fails to fully describe how projects should be managed, and the top-down management approach is limiting the agencies performance. The Scope Management process was considered to be inadequate and not compatible with best practice.
    It was shown that similar agencies and organization that have not undergone reform since 1960-1970 are likely to be exhibit similar problems regarding Project Management procedures and may also fall subject to constitutional failure.

  • 30.8.2011

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