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About Skemman

Skemman is a digital repository for the University of Iceland, the Agricultural University of Iceland, Bifröst University, Hólar University College, the Iceland University of the Arts, the University of Akureyri, the National and University Library of Iceland and Reykjavik University. It contains students‘ final theses as well as scholarly research by the universities‘ academic staff until 2016. From January 2016, academic research papers and doctoral dissertations are deposited in the open access repository Opin vísindi (https://opinvisindi.is/).

Skemman was originally a cooperative project of the University of Akureyri and the Iceland University of Education (now the School of Education at the University of Iceland). It was housed and run by the Iceland University of Education from 2006 until 2009. In Spring 2008 it was decided that Skemman should be moved to the National and University Library. In February the same year the University of Iceland's Council voted to authorize the archiving and preservation of students' theses in digital format. The Agricultural University of Iceland, the Iceland University of the Arts and Bifröst University became participants at approximately the same time as the University of Iceland. Reykjavik University has been a participant since September 2010 and Hólar University College since December 2011.

All the universities in Iceland support Open access to academic research, in accordance with their Open access policies, and strive to provide access to scholarly material, especially results of publicly funded research.

Skemman is based on the open software DSpace.