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Hvernig gæti fjárfesting íslenska ríkisins í opinni menntun skilað sér í þróun þekkingarhagkerfisins? Fræðileg samantekt og greining á samspili opinnar menntunar og þekkingarhagkerfisins
Written by
Sabrína Sigurðardóttir 1991-

In recent months, there has been some discussion about the state of the Icelandic intellectual property (IP) industry, especially after the Federation of Icelandic Industries published an analysis on May 6th, 2022, which revealed that around 9,000 experts are needed in the next 5 years if compani... (1,432 characters more)

"Where is the new constitution?" On effect of different types of public consultations on attempts to amend constitutions
Written by
Ragnheiður I. Sigurgeirsdóttir 1996-

"Where is the new constitution?" is a phrase that most people in Iceland are familiar with. It usually refers to the Constitutional Council's bill for a new constitution, which the council handed over to the Icelandic Parliament, Alþingi, more than a decade ago but has since then not made any pro... (1,547 characters more)

Halfway house : purpose, access and the future vision.
Written by
Óskar Vídalín Kristjánsson 1970-

Author´s intrest in resources after rehabilitation for addicts was intrigued in the spring of 2019, when assisting the foundation of The Memorial fund of Einar Darri. The memorial funds agenda is to raise attention to the abuse of medical subscription drugs and other narcotics in Iceland, along w... (1,543 characters more)

Áhrif samfélagsmiðla á kauphegðun
Written by
Linda Bjork Helgadottir 1971-

Viðfangsefni þessa lokaverkefnis er samfélagsmiðlar og þá sérstaklega Instagram og hvort sá miðill hafi áhrif á kauphegðun kvenna. Viðfangsefnið hefur af persónulegum ástæðum vakið áhuga höfundar um nokkurt skeið. Samfélagsmiðlar eru orðnir stór hluti af lífi fólks í dag hvort sem okkur líkar það... (1,673 characters more)

Marshall-aðstoðin : áhrif fyrr og nú
Written by
Kristín Ólafsdóttir 1973-

World history is extremely important. It is good for everyone to stop, look back and consider why things are the way they are. The advent of the Marshall-plan provided many European countries with a rich injection into their economy and economic system after the Second World War. The assistance w... (1,386 characters more)