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One Collective Breath
Written by
Smith, Brett, 1986-

'One Collective Breath’ is a new performance work that pays homage to the colourful world of Icelandic choral culture. Situated inside the 'Currently Unnamed Choir', you are intertwined with its members amidst a rehearsal unfolding. Through the highs and lows of learning a new song, what begins a... (476 characters more)

What is holding back women from reaching CEO positions in Iceland? : does it depend on company size?
Written by
Dröfn Farestveit 1996-

Iceland has been at the forefront of gender equality in the world for many years and even though it has been in many ways exemplary, the ratio of female CEOs remains tremendously low. If the ratio of female CEOs in Iceland is analyzed a pattern rises, the number of female CEOs decreases with the ... (1,563 characters more)

How has the Covid-19 pandemic effected innovation in the healthcare system in Iceland?
Written by
Atli Sæmundsson 1991-

This study aims to demonstrate the positive relationship between the Covid-19 pandemic and innovation in the Icelandic healthcare system, using a conceptual model of public sector corporate entrepreneurship. The study aims to explore and examine predecessor for innovation in the public sector and... (1,744 characters more)

Coach-training in Icelandic gymnastic clubs
Written by
Sæunn Svanhvít Viggósdóttir 1980-

Training and development are essential for all organizations. The objective of this study was to examine how coach-training is implemented in Gymnastics clubs in Iceland. The research was twofold, leaders of seven clubs with 600 gymnasts and more were interviewed and asked to share their thoughts... (1,813 characters more)

CEO compensation and subsequent firm performance
Written by
Heiðrún Ingrid Hlíðberg 1991-

The main subject of this thesis is to investigate whether a relationship exists between changes in current CEO compensation and subsequent financial performance amongst firms in four Nordic countries. The main theories that the CEO compensation literature is based on are described. The existing l... (455 characters more)