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Decisions of the Swedish Courts of Appeal: between the plain languages ideals and the legal reality

Written by
Simonis, Jurianus, 1965-

For almost half a century now Sweden has been a frontrunner in the plain language movement. The Swedish court system is one of the sections of the State that has been taking various initiatives to make the language it uses accessible to the ordinary citizen. This thesis focuses upon the tension... (2,550 characters more)

Understandings of wilderness. Implications for wilderness identification and management in Iceland
Written by
Jauch, Angela Margerita, 1992-

The current Icelandic Nature Conservation Act includes a definition of wilderness, a definition of a wilderness protected area and specifications about the criteria that areas need to fulfil to be suitable for protection as wilderness in Iceland. To date, there is limited research on how these de... (1,511 characters more)

Effects of tree species composition and planting methods on survival and growth in a 15-year-old forest in southern Iceland
Written by
Jón Hilmar Kristjánsson 1990-

Mixing tree species can increase the security growing a crop when facing climate change, as well as possibly making timber production economically safer. More research has been done on the effect of mixing tree species on tree growth, production and carbon sequestration in other Nordic countries ... (3,927 characters more)

Forest and wood forecast for western Iceland
Written by
Ellert Arnar Marísson 1991-

Forestry stakeholders in western Iceland have great faith and interest in the prospects of the forest resource in Iceland. That is why this project was designed to answer some key questions about the current state of forests in western Iceland, as well as predicting their future growth the next 3... (3,078 characters more)

"It‘s just myself, nobody does this for me.“ Icelandic women entrepreneurs and their experience of potential barriers that they may confront in entrepreneurship.
Written by
Margrét Richter 1967-

Only a mere third of those who start a company in Iceland are women. The purpose of this study was to explore what makes women decide to become entrepreneurs and how entrepreneur women in Iceland experience potential barriers in their journey when they come up with a business idea and follow thro... (1,663 characters more)