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Áhrif samfélagsmiðla á ferðahegðun háskólanema
Written by
Tómas Þorgeir Hafsteinsson 1994-

Nowadays social media is a big influencer for people when choosing a destination and type of travel. Various methods have been used to explain peoples travel behavior, the tourist gaze is one of them. Social media is likely to reach many people who can examine pictures over and over again and thu... (1,250 characters more)

Stacking tests and finite element analysis of sandwich structure plastic containers
Written by
Jón Þór Backman 1993-

This work presents a study on the feasibility of using finite element analysis to assist with the design of new sandwich layered (polyethylene / expanded polyethylene (foam) / polyethylene) plastic containers. The motivation for this project is the high cost that incurs from the destructive tests... (851 characters more)

Characterization of critical glycolytic enzyme paralogs in the symbiotic cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. N6
Written by
Kári Már Ásdísarson 1991-

During characterization of its genome, Nostoc sp. N6, a cyanosymbiote, was found to carry a paralog of two initial enzymes from the glycolytic oxidative pentose phosphate pathway (OPP). This warranted additional investigation as the OPP is the primary pathway of glycolysis in Nostoc, and is criti... (1,374 characters more)

Weather conditions and road safety in the Capital Area of Iceland
Written by
Stefnir Sveinsson 1994-

Road traffic accidents are costly events for societies in terms of financial losses and human welfare. Weather conditions are an important factor in road safety. The effects of weather conditions on road safety are variable depending on their exact form. Numerous studies have been conducted on th... (1,365 characters more)

One of Iceland's resources: The Icelandic horse.
Written by
Steinunn Reynisdóttir 1992-

The value of the Icelandic horse has for the longest time been considered invaluable, from the time he was our most needed servant to this day as a pleasure riding horse. However, its value is also hidden elsewhere, and the aim of this study was to examine the marketing project of Horses of Icela... (1,106 characters more)