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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
28.6.2016Assessing the cooperative management regime in Gwaii Haanas national park reserve, national marine conservation area reserve and Haida heritage siteSargeant, Jean Phillip , 1991-
20.6.2019Coastal and marine environmental education : a study of community involvement in the Westfjords of Iceland and Southern New ZealandWilke, Maria, 1987-
26.8.2014Evaluating the role of staff engagement in management effectiveness evaluations of marine protected areasDrakulic, Matija, 1985-
26.8.2014Marine and underwater cultural heritage management, Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa : current state and future opportunitiesHumphrey, Johanna Louise, 1989-
14.8.2017The scarcity of fish, the proliferation of property and the fishermen caught in the middle : property rights and the connection to labour in Scotland's demersal fisherySmith, Jack Montgomery, 1989-
9.9.2014Scar-based analysis and eyewitness accounts of entanglement of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in fishing gear in IcelandBasran, Charla Jean, 1988-
28.6.2016Tourist perceptions of forestry in the coastal landscape of the WestfjordsLange, Carla M., 1986-
25.6.2012Whale watching in Iceland : an assessment of whale watching activities on Skjálfandi bayMartin, Sara Marie, 1985-
18.6.2020What are you whaling for? : rationalizing conservation and indigenous customary fishery : case study of customary fishery of Lamalerans in Indonesia’s Savu SeaMaukar, Maesa, 1987-
25.6.2012Wilderness and human influence in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve : a preliminary study of wilderness perceptionsKuuliala, Vilma-Inkeri, 1986-