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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
2.11.20213D conceptual and TOUGH2 modelling of the Waiotapu geothermal field, New ZealandIrfan Narendrotomo 1995-
21.6.2021Airfoil selection for a small-scale vertical axis wind turbine : a numerical studyBabak Ranjbaran 1990-
23.3.2017Algorithm for optimal well placement in geothermal systems based on TOUGH2 modelsDagur Helgason 1988-
18.2.2016Analysing the geothermal project life cycle by using the design structure matrixWitt, Magnus de 1988-
25.6.2021Analysis and comparison of energy consumption and energy simulation in Rimaskóli Primary SchoolTenley Addison Propst 1996-
4.2.2016Casing coupling for extreme temperature settingHaraldur Orri Björnsson 1984-
3.11.2021CFD analysis of heat storage and recovery from geothermal water exiting the space heating radiator using phase change materialDaiki Masumoto 1995-
19.6.2019Combined conceptual and supercritical numerical model of the Reykjanes peninsulaSam Alexander Barton 1987-
7.6.2023Comparative life cycle assessment of hydrogen production in Iceland and the EU-27Drew Jacob Barron 1997-
24.6.2021Comparative life cycle assessment of hydrogen production via electrolysis in Austria and IcelandKristján Valur Vilbergsson 1994-
15.6.2022Comparing binary ORC systems in a single unit and a modular cascade configuration, using an ORC model for a low temperature geothermal resourceHjörleifur Þór Steingrímsson 1994-
31.8.2017Complexity analysis of lumped parameter models : development of complexity reduction algorithmYuxi Li 1991-
15.6.2022A comprehensive assessment of Hveragerði's geothermal district heating system via thermohydraulic modeling and simulationCorey Scott Harpe 1995-
21.6.2018Deep learning for power system restorationAlexander Moses Danielsson 1991-
8.6.2023Direct mixing of geothermal water and condensate into heated groundwater at Nesjavellir power stationHaukur Darri Hauksson 1993-
17.2.2016Effect of experimental parameters on the voltage output of a sediment microbial fuel cellAna Iris Correa Muler 1990-
24.6.2021The effect of wellbore scaling on exergy in geothermal fluid : a computational fluid dynamic wellbore model estimateIlham Narendrodhipo 1995-
10.2.2014Electrifying Straetó : how to make it happenNina Victoria Rangel Ortiz 1985-
1.10.2020Energy and food security using geothermal energy : a case study of Chumathang, Union Territory of Ladakh, IndiaKunzes Dolma 1984-
7.6.2023Energy security in select eastern European countries : index for evaluation and comparisonErin Renee Lawyer 1996-
23.6.2021Evaluation of relative permeabilities and excess enthalpy modeling for geothermal reservoirsFelix Carl Sandström 1992-
14.6.2023Experimental analysis of non-catalytic methane pyrolysis in a tubular reactorDavid Aguerrebere Jr 1997-
1.11.2023Experimental analysis of vertical axis wind turbine fouling in dusty environmentsMaxon Montstream Quas 1999-
8.2.2022An experimental study of inertial particles in deforming turbulence yedreza: in context to loitering of blades in wind turbinesSeyedreza Hassanianmoaref 1985-
21.6.2021Feasibility of the application of the CarbFix method to geothermal power plants globallyAgla Sól Pétursdóttir 1996-