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10.5.2011"I'm not in the mood for a party tonight." The Orwellian Roots of the PinteresqueMagnús Teitsson 1972
20.1.2014"More Human than Human." Race, Culture, and Identity in CyberpunkAlexandra Mjöll Young 1990
10.5.2011"You lovely whore." The Portrayal of Women in Harold Pinter’s Plays Night School, The Lover and The HomecomingGuðrún Baldvina Sævarsdóttir 1980
28.4.2009A comparative study on short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Nikolai GogolAuður Eva Guðmundsdóttir 1980
11.5.2015Adapting Traditional Chinese Culture in Amy Tan´s The Joy Luck ClubXinyuan Zhang, 1988-
15.9.2010The Art of Storytelling in The New York TrilogyMcNamara, Jennifer, 1976-
12.5.2014Blaxploitation Unchained: An historical analysis of Blaxploitation and how Django Unchained fits within the Blaxploitation cycleDupree, Marvin Lee, 1980-
8.5.2012Breaking the silence. The search for a voice in Alice Walker‘s The Color PurpleSigrún Tinna Sveinsdóttir 1987
9.5.2012The Censorship of Enid Blyton in Two of Her Novels. The Island of Adventure and Five on a Treasure IslandMagnús Björgvin Guðmundsson 1986
9.5.2012A Confederacy of Dunces and the picaresque: generic considerationsFriðrik Sólnes Jónsson 1979
10.5.2013Cross Over and Duality. Murakami’s Integration of the Fantastical into the OrdinaryNandabhiwat, Natsha, 1986-
11.9.2012Don't judge a book by its cover: The Camp and Queerness of Rocky Horror Picture ShowBjarni Snæbjörnsson 1978
10.5.2013From Snow White to Tangled: Gender and Genre Fiction in Disney's "Princess" AnimationsÍris Alda Ísleifsdóttir 1988
9.5.2012The Function of Music in Norwegian Wood, from page to screenSearles, Alan, 1970-
21.1.2013A Generic Study of The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter TevisKristinn Geir Friðriksson 1971
2.5.2014Giulietta's Dilemma. An Adaptation and Its CompositionKatrín Vilborgardóttir Gunnarsdóttir 1987
12.5.2014Heteronormative Villains and Queer Heroes: Queer Representation in the Films of John WatersÁsta Karen Ólafsdóttir 1990
10.5.2011In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream 'Authorship!' The Shift of Authorship in the Alien Franchise from the Producer to the Director to the StarErlingur Grétar Einarsson 1982
10.5.2011It Is Always Darkest Before the Dawn. A discussion of three adaptations based on the works of Philip K. DickÁsta Arnardóttir 1980
10.10.2008Jane Austen’s Persuasion: Major and minor charactersRagnhildur Nielsen 1975
11.5.2009John Steinbeck's characters. Representing different social and political groupsRúnar Örn Sævarsson 1985
9.5.2012Modernizing Shakespeare’s Richard III: Observations on a Number of Recent AdaptationsKolbrún Gunnarsdóttir 1989
6.1.2010Mythology to Film: The importance of the Homeric poems to O Brother Where Art ThouSveindís Ýr Sveinsdóttir 1978
28.4.2009Shakespeare’s heroines: An examination of how Shakespeare created and adapted specific heroines from his sourcesLilja Dögg Schram Magnúsdóttir 1981
10.9.2010Slaying Literature: Metaphor and Characters in Buffy the Vampire SlayerÓskar Örn Eggertsson 1986