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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
16.6.2023Characterisation of Microphysical and Optical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols in a High Arctic environment: Villum Research Station, NE GreenlandEllie Fisher 2000-
31.1.2024Effects of soil temperature on Sphagnum moss litter quality and decomposition in a subarctic environmentSahra K. I. Gibson 1997-
21.11.2022Environmental Changes in Eastern Lapland during the last 50 yearsMagdalena Folestad 1998-
7.9.2023Fermentation of organic waste for bioplastic production. A potential sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel plasticLise Demeslay
24.1.2024Influence of muskox carcasses on soil nutrients and vegetation in a High Arctic ecosystem in northeast GreenlandBritta Steger 1997-
27.9.2023Legacy effects of temperature alterations on microbial resistance and resilience to drying and rewettingFranklin Harris 1992-
14.11.2022Married to the Lab. Tying the Knot of Art and ScienceMaría Rún Þrándardóttir 1995-
8.8.2023Modeling the effect of the energy crisis on air quality in the Po Valley, Italy.Manuel Bettineschi 1997-
15.6.2023Non-growing season CO2 fluxes of a boreal fen – key drivers and responses to anomalous winter conditionsAnna Karoliina Särkelä 1993-
22.5.2023Phenology Effects on Carbon and Water Dynamics in a Pristine Boreal Fen A multi-decadal analysis from 2005-2007 & 2014-2022Maximilian King 1989-
6.11.2023Quantifying glacier melt enhancement due to dust deposition during the 2022 melt season. Tungnaárjökull glacier, South IcelandSteinunn Helgadóttir 1996-
4.11.2022“Influence of climate change on behavioural traits of Palaemon elegans, an invasive species in the Baltic SeaAlfredo Escanciano Gómez 1996-