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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
18.6.20193D Modelling of Faulting and Intrusion of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, ColombiaCervantes, Chelsea Arlette Magpantay, 1992-
21.6.20183D modelling of the Reykir geothermal areas in Mosfellssveit, IcelandDaníel Einarsson 1988-
18.6.2019Acid mine drainage as a domestic feedstock for rare earth element productionHoover, Haley Iris, 1995-
18.6.2019Alternative heating systems for northern remote communities : techno-economic analysis of ground-source heat pumps in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, CanadaGunawan, Evelyn, 1995-
21.6.2018Assessment of Renewable Energy as Investment Opportunity: Risk-Return ImpactSoerono, Dwina Andini 1990-
20.1.2020A comparative analysis of the magnetic anomalies associated with the geothermal systems on Reykjanes peninsulaJillian Mary Verbeurgt 1994-
27.6.2019Conversion of oil and gas wells to geothermal reinjectionVedran Zikovic 1990-
27.6.2018Design and Simulation of a DC Microgrid for a Small Island in BelizeGrant, Jordon Ashley, 1986-
18.2.2016Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy for Space Cooling in NicaraguaJón Sigurður Pétursson 1988-
18.6.2019The dynamic evolution of geothermal system in Lahendong, North Sulawesi, IndonesiaSuherlina, Lily, 1993-
29.8.2016Economic and operational feasibility study : conversion to electric bus for Gray Line's airport routeCarpico,Kimberly Ann, 1980-
21.6.2018The Economic Impact of the Icelandic Regulating Market on a Wind Power ProducerMcIlraith, Gaynor, 1994-
18.2.2016Economic Modeling of Cost Effective Hydrogen Production From Water Electrolysis by Utilizing Iceland's Regulatory Power MarketJacobs, Jeffrey David, 1992-
18.6.2019An environmental and economic evaluation of construction & demolition waste based wood-composite pallets and virgin wood palletsElizabeth Ellen Ernst 1992-
29.6.2018Estimation of Sustainable Production Limit by Using Lumped Parameter and USGS Hydrotherm SimulationBostanci, Yagiz, 1992-
22.8.2016Evaluation of energy demand and energy use of an existing single family building, with special emphasis on energy efficiency of heat exchanger in ventilationDaniel C. Axelsen 1985-
21.6.2018An Exploration of Critical Junctures for Public Participation in Multinational Final Nuclear Waste DisposalRueß, Anja Kathrin, 1993-
29.8.2017Exploring electric vehicle participation in the Icelandic balancing market as Virtual Power PlantFritz Steingrube 1992-
27.8.2014Financial benefit of implementing Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in Icelandic companiesErla Björk Sigurgeirsdóttir 1965-
30.8.2017Geothermal Surface Mapping and Chemical Sampling in Krýsuvík at: Seltún, Trölladyngja, and AusturengjarJulianna Hogenson 1991-
18.2.2016Hydroelectric power station - NigerleqLauritsen, Mads Uhrenholt 1989-
12.2.2014Iceland-UK Interconnector: Strategy for Macroeconomic and Legal FeasibilityRandall Morgan Greene 1988-
9.2.2015Implementation of a new energy storage system for a high altitude long endurance aircraftStefanie Dagner 1988-
29.6.2018Implications for Gas Hydrate Occurrence: 3D Thermobaric Modelling of Central SpitsbergenBetlem, Peter, 1992-
29.6.2018Inciting Residential Demand Side Participation in Electricity Markets: Three Elasticity Issues That Stand in the WayBailly, Sam Denison, 1989-