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8.6.2023Acceptance and commitment group therapy for chronic pain and transdiagnostic mental health problems : feasibility and effectiveness of a replicated single-case designArnar Snær Benediktsson 1994-
24.6.2020Adjunctive behavioral activation for bipolar I disorder : single caseEdda Sigfúsdóttir 1989-
27.6.2022Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) pipeline to prison? : prevalence of ACEs and its effects on quality of life in Icelandic prison and drug rehabilitation populationJónína Sigrún Birgisdóttir 1989-
24.6.2020Anger, happiness and life-satisfaction among interpersonal or non-interpersonal trauma survivors in IcelandThelma Lind Smáradóttir 1991-
27.6.2022Applying behavioral management skills training with employees in geriatric care unit to increase social interaction and communication with residentsJóhanna Gilsdóttir 1986-
24.6.2020Balancing climate anxiety and coping skills: How the cognitive theory of anxiety predicts pro-environmental and avoidance behaviourDaðey Albertsdóttir 1988-
24.6.2020Barriers and facilitators to disclosure of sexual violence and relationship with symptoms of depression, anxiety and stressEva Bryndís Pálsdóttir 1982-
8.6.2023Better sleep for teens in Reykjavík : effects of delaying school start on adolescent sleepÁgústa Dan Árnadóttir 1991-
8.6.2023Bipolar disorder in Iceland : effect of treatment, frequency of suicide attempts, employment status and recovery experienceHulda María Frostadóttir 1989-
24.6.2021Burnout symptoms among Icelandic patients administered to the Cardiac emergency department with chest pain discomfort : association with mental health and demographicsMaría Mjöll Björnsdóttir 1995-
4.6.2019CBT formulation in practice : a survey amongst Icelandic PsychologistsMaría Guðmundsdóttir 1986-
14.5.2019Chunking: Intervention designed to relieve and improve reading performance among dyslexic studentÞorkatla Elín Sigurðardóttir 1977-
27.6.2022Clinical evaluation of an Icelandic adaptation of Moving Forward : a post-treatment course offered to women who have completed treatment for breast cancerAron Haukur Hauksson 1988-
8.6.2023Clinical outcomes of brief Therapist Guided Parent led : Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy (TGP-CBGT) for treatment of childhood anxiety problems in routine clinical careTinna Baldursdóttir 1981-
16.6.2021Coercion in Icelandic nursing homes : a correlational study of physical restraint useSigríður Ósk Ólafsdóttir 1989-
14.6.2018Cognitive behavioural group treatment for social anxiety in individuals with and without adverse negative images: A single case studyHeiða Brynja Heiðarsdóttir 1978-
8.6.2023Cognitive decline and CSF biomarkers in mild cognitive impairment: Aβ42, tau, NfL peptides, memory and executive functionGuðný Björg Barkardóttir 1996-
4.6.2019A comparison between an intensive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a group based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for social anxiety disorderMagnea Jónasdóttir 1965-
8.6.2023Computer-based intervention for preoperative anxiety in children : the role of parental anxiety and child temperament - A Randomized Controlled Pilot StudyEydís Lilja Eysteinsdóttir 1993-
14.5.2019Concussion among female athletes in Iceland : stress, depression, anxiety and quality of lifeSilja Runólfsdóttir 1990-
27.6.2022Concussion among male athletes in Iceland : anxiety, depression and stressViktor Örn Margeirsson 1994-
13.5.2019Concussions among Icelandic female athletes : self-reported prevalence with and without definition of concussionRagna Margrét Brynjarsdóttir 1990-
24.6.2020Connections between emotional dependency and interventions in cognitive behaviour therapy for adults : outcomes of group therapyÁsthildur E Erlingsdóttir 1967-
14.6.2018Correlation of neuropsychological tests with measures of atrophy in the hippocampal areaJóhanna Ruth Hólmgrímsdóttir 1980-
13.5.2019Correlation of self-compassion, BMI, depression, anxiety, stress and gender in individuals seeking obesity treatment and university studentsÁsta Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir 1971-