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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
25.1.2012A Face Recognition Plug-in for the PhotoCube BrowserKristján Rúnarsson 1970-
21.5.2019An Algorithm Must be Seen to be Believed : Right to an Explanation of Automated Decision-Making in the GDPRFriðbert Þór Ólafsson 1994-
24.1.2011Approximation algorithms for independent set problems on hypergraphsElena Losievskaja 1979-
14.6.2019Automatic discovery of descriptions of permutation statisticsMartha Guðrún Bjarnadóttir 1997-
8.11.2010Automating the manual process of scheduling jobs in prepared plans for a pharmaceutical companyGuðrún Sjöfn Axelsdóttir 1975-
31.8.2017Complexity analysis of lumped parameter models : development of complexity reduction algorithmYuxi Li 1991-
12.9.2012Contributions to the meta-theory of structural operational semanticsCimini, Matteo, 1981-
7.9.2017A data driven analysis of clusters using UPPAALJón Friðrik Jónatansson 1987-
21.6.2018Deep learning for power system restorationAlexander Moses Danielsson 1991-
31.5.2019Design and implementation of simulation software for evaluating the application of machine learning to the dispatching problemSigurður Gauti Samúelsson 1994-
6.7.2018Design, Implementation and Analysis of a Parallel and Scalable Cascade Support Vector Machine FrameworkKveldúlfur Þrastarson 1983-
31.5.2017A deterministic method for finding first order saddle points starting from a minimumKatrín Blöndal 1994-
31.5.2013Downsampling Time Series for Visual RepresentationSveinn Steinarsson 1979-
2.10.2015A First Attempt on the Distributed Prize Collecting Steiner Tree ProblemRossetti, Niccolò G., 1985-
25.1.2011Gradual focus : a method for automated feature discovery in selective searchPálmi Skowronski 1978-
31.1.2019Identifying structures in motzkin pathsBjörn Gunnarsson 1991-; Kolbeinn Páll Erlingsson 1976-; Kristmundur Ágúst Jónsson 1991-
25.1.2021Image processing for optical thermal measurements based on thermochromic liquid crystals in turbulent flowStefán Óli Valdimarsson 1994-
20.2.2018Implementation of a planarity testing method using PQ-TreesAlex William Cregten 1995-; Hannes Kristján Hannesson 1995-
15.2.2018Implementation of a planarity testing method using PQ-TreesAlex William Cregten 1995-; Hannes Hannesson 1995-
15.4.2011An Interacting Particle Model and Dynamic Energy Budget Theory: Analysis and ApplicationsBaldvin Einarsson 1981-
11.2.2016Introducing Heuristic Function Evaluation FrameworkNera Nešić 1990-
28.5.2020Machine learning model for predicting the collection of debtsEgill Aron Þórisson 1997-; Halldór Bjarni Stefánsson 1997-; Nökkvi Karlsson 1996-
10.3.2011Meta-heuristics in multi-core environmentsRagnar Magnús Ragnarsson 1981-
1.10.2012On the effects of buoyancy on passive particle motions in the convective boundary layer from the Lagrangian viewpointBouhlali, Lahcen, 1975-
28.1.2016Reference Graph Construction and Merging for Human Genomic SequencesSchiller, Tom Willy, 1989-