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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
12.6.2023Biomass and distribution of cnidarians and ctenophores in summertime Icelandic waters in relation to environmental variables and lumpfish distributionsSharpton, Tyler Ellis, 1999-
14.6.2022Climate change in the Westfjords, Iceland : a local perspective of a global problemBannan, Deirdre Patricia 1990-
3.7.2020Constraints and contributing factors to implementing Climate Change Education as an emerging curriculum area at the basic education level in Cape Coast Metropolis, GhanaMichael Odoom 1979-
20.10.2022The determinants of climate bond issuance in the OECD countriesÓlafur Steingrímsson 1979-
10.10.2023The Dutch shipping industry's perceptions on climate change mitigation regulations applied to the industry : an overview of the challenges and opportunities the industry experiences with climate change mitigation effortsvan den Bosch, Stephany, 1999-
10.10.2023Marine operators’ perception towards the new proposed environmental regulation : a case study of Svalbard, NorwayLopez, Carol, 1975-
29.10.2020The Northern Sea Route : history, challenges and prospectsUlaeva, Liliia, 1983-
19.8.2022The potential value of indigenous knowledge in climate change adaptation strategies : the Ghanaian perspectiveEphraim Esene Ahiagba 1989-
26.9.2016Resilience-building in communities vulnerable to climate changeÁsa María H. Guðmundsdóttir 1989-
1.12.2022The rights of children and future generations of the European Arctic to a healthy environmentSchweizer, Sona Karbanová, 1989-
18.6.2018To what extent are local authorities preparing for coastal climate change impacts in the Forth Estuary in Scotland?Munro, Alan, 1990-
12.6.2023Towards a dynamic approach to ocean management in the high seas : perspectives from the polar regionsHeinrich, Katharina, 1992-
8.9.2022Vegetation cover change on Tindfjöll mountains, Iceland, assessed by aerial photographs, topography, and climateGuðrún Guðjónsdóttir 1973-
18.6.2018Virtual reality of coral reefs : exploring ecological worldviews, environmental attitudes, and psychological distance after an immersive virtual experienceBambic, Brianna Dawn, 1987-
14.6.2022‘Heavy is the Mountain’ : the tension between place attachment and the perception of hazards, climate change and place disruption, revealed through virtual walking tours in Patreksfjörður, IcelandSimmons, Frances Eleanor, 1984-
12.6.2023“These pictures are me” : using photovoice to investigate the impact of place attachment on community resilienceLyons, Áine, 1996-