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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
9.9.2020Animal-Human Relationships: Life on the Farmsteads of Medieval IcelandGarth, Michael, 1997-
3.5.2019Are Eight Hands Better Than Seven? A Palaeographic Study of the Scribal Hand Division of AM 624 4toMacháčková, Nikola, 1993-
18.8.2017Ásatrú: An Enchanting Hybrid of Past and PresentDijk, Lotte, 1992-
27.12.2017Baby-Naming Rituals and Shamanism in Three Icelandic Family Sagas with Cross-Cultural ComparisonsBeyer, Emily Hoffman, 1979-
3.5.2017The conditioned merger of p + f > [f] before t or s in Old Icelandic. An analysis of the orthographic manifestation of [ft]/[fs] clusters in 12th to 14th-century manuscriptsLinde, Kathrin Lisa van der, 1993-
31.8.2015Dread Sisterhood: Conceptions of the Feminine in Norse Depictions of DeathMoore, Meredith Catherine, 1991-
5.9.2018Eigi er nú fróðliga spurt: An analysis of irony and humour in GylfaginningHulsz Braun, Pablo, 1993-
19.5.2020En þó er þat margt í karlshúsi, at eigi er í konungsgarði. Proverbs in Gísla saga Súrssonar and Hrafnkels saga FreysgoðaMurillo Giraldo, Mario Alejandro, 1992-
31.8.2017The Expedition to the North: Educating the Public in the Fornaldarsögur and RiddarasögurKennedy van Dam, Robin, 1991-
24.8.2017Eyrbyggja saga and Legal ChangeValle, Julian E., 1988-
5.9.2017The Karlamagnús Compendium: Genre and Meaning in AM 180a-b fol.Williams, Harry, 1983-
20.8.2015Ketils saga hængs, Gríms saga loðinkinna and the narrative of survivalRobinson, Chip (Charles Nelson Robinson III), 1966-
25.8.2017Knock, knock. Who's there? A Translation and Study of ÞóruljóðStewart, Anna Alexandra McCully, 1994-
3.9.2018Laws of the (Is)lands: Comparing the law codes of Iceland and Gotland during the long fourteenth centuryGaines, Gregory Callahan, 1993-
9.9.2020Lost in Translation? A Comparative Analysis of Love and Emotion in Yvain ou Le Chevalier au Lion and Ívens sagaTeeter, Kathryn, 1991-
9.9.2015The Multiverse of German Eddas, or Continuous and Changing Ways of Publishing: A Paratextual Analysis of German Editions of the Poetic EddaGenedl, Etienne, 1984-
7.9.2015Number Symbolism in Old Norse Literature: A Brief StudyLi Tang, 1988-
4.9.2018On the dative singular -u ending in monosyllabic strong feminine ō-stem substantives in Old Icelandic: An overview and longitudinal studyMiller, Elise, 1993-
24.8.2015One In The Same. Skriðuklaustur: A Medieval Icelandic Monastery Following In The Christian TraditionMcDougall, Ashlie E., 1990-
7.8.2015The Place Names in the Breton Lays. A Research on a Literary Mental UniverseAdeux, Malo, 1990-
3.9.2018Queering Medieval Translatio: Translation, Transformation, and Travel in the StrengleikarPaul Martino 1995-
5.9.2016The Reception of Víga-Glúms saga in Seventeenth-century Icelandic ManuscriptsMüller, Ermenegilda, 1992-
7.9.2015The Scribes of Flateyjarbók, GKS 1005 fol. A Study in Scribal Practice in 14th-Century IcelandPagani, Roberto, 1990-
4.5.2022Ships and the Slave Trade. An analysis of how the development of naval technologies can be used to trace the early Medieval slave trade in North-West Europe and beyond.Cecily Fleur Plant Warrilow 1998-
5.5.2017The structure of AM 309 4toAh Leum Kwon 1989-