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2.7.2020"Not giving up" : immigrant students finding their way in Icelandic higher educationOlena Samar 1990-
6.7.2018"Pulling from the world into the school” : working with culturally diverse students in an international school setting in IcelandJenny Laurence Pfeiffer 1992-
5.7.2023Access to knowing : competence to Bernstein in a higher learning contextKimberly Ann Adams 1983-
1.7.2020Basil Bernstein’s pedagogic device : a constructive tool for the knowerKimberly Ann Adams 1983-
29.6.2020Career guidance and counselling in the Ghanaian Educational System : high school experience of Ghanaian’s living in IcelandAgartha Mawupemor Ahiagba 1984-
27.6.2022Challenges and opportunities for Lithuanian teachers in the 21st centuryKarolina Kunceviciute 1993-
5.7.2018Clash of discourses : discourse surrounding democratic values, equality and discrimination in official documents of Estonia and the National Curriculum in relation to queer studentsEva Marta Sokk 1995-
3.7.2020CLILing in Italy : teachers’ experiences with Content and Language Integrated Learning methodologyCaterina Poggi 1988-
25.10.2021Crafting one’s own narrative : high-income immigrant parental choices and practices relative to Icelandic compulsory schoolingAngela Marie Shapow 1977-
14.10.2016Critical pedagogy in action : a brief, comparative examination of educational systems in Bhutan and among the Zapatistas in MexicoJosé M. Tirado 1959-
25.8.2022Developing teaching material : exploring in what ways the use of spiral curriculum and its elements supports teaching division in primary schoolMladen Zivanovic 1995-
30.6.2022Doing the minimum required : a review of Human Rights Education in Icelandic compulsory schoolsÁrsól Clara Arnardóttir 2000-
14.10.2016Domestic violence and children : raising awareness of school personnel responsibilitiesNarmada Jeewamali Jayasinghe Hapugahange Gedara 1972-
31.10.2023Education, ethnic segregation, and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina : a narrative inquiry into the experiences of history teachers : the potential of peace education and human rights education for transformationBožidar Runić 1993-
6.7.2018Experiences of Women from the Anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa Studying at the University of IcelandCatherine Enyonam Sævarsson 1973-
2.7.2020Ghana education and impact of traditional cultures on students learningSamuel Antwi 1989-
1.11.2022Icelandic speech-language pathology : the experience of speech-language pathologists in Iceland working with culturally and linguistically diverse childrenMallory Ann Swanson 1986-
30.6.2021An immigrant educator's perspective on living experiences and challenges in an Icelandic preschoolLorena Obeja Cepeda 1993-; Baby Joy Monares Salientes 1992-
26.2.2018Improving English education in Japan, with an emphasis on promoting communication skills in elementary schools : inspiration from the Icelandic national curriculumSherine Otomo 1993-
27.6.2022Inclusive education for autistic children in a time of social distancing : teachers' attitudes and practicesRoberto Pisano 1971-
6.7.2018The influence of traditional gender roles and power relations on women and girls' education and health in northern GhanaNgulube, Zitha, 1981-
11.11.2022Intercultural sharing platformSebastian Unzueta Barreto 1990-
26.2.2019Is Bilingual Education necessary in Icelandic schools? : a response to global needsFransheska Echevarria Rojas 1992-
27.2.2019Learning and skill development in business accelerator : a case study of Startup ReykjavikJúlia Kozáková 1993-
6.7.2018Learning to be in a society with others: Inclusion and the role of after school programs like Hitt Húsið for youth with disabilitiesRosana Valle Tamés 1989-